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A range of client solutions to fit your business

Our products and solutions offer a wide range of options for your clients to protect the ones they love.

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Life insurance

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Disability income

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Worksite solutions

Hear what our financial professionals have to say

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"I get the opportunity to help families build their wealth. I get to help people out of debt. I consider it a privilege.”

Mary Grate-Pyos

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"The availability of products that MassMutual has, allows for a lot more customization than other companies have.”

Kyneshia Hubbard

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“MassMutual was the one company that offered an open architecture where it allowed me and my team to grow with my clients.”

Samuel Lau

Life Insurance

Life insurance that helps cover a lifetime of needs

As your clients age, their financial needs may change. Our suite of life insurance products are flexible to meet your clients' needs throughout their lifetime.
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Whole life and survivorship whole life insurance

Our participating whole life insurance offers clients life insurance protection, cash value accumulation, and optional riders to help protect the ones they love.
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Term life insurance

MassMutual term life offers affordable, flexible protection with convertibility options that can support your clients' long-term goals throughout every stage of life.
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Universal and survivorship universal life insurance

Our universal life policy is designed for clients who want flexibility in premiums while maintaining the benefits of a permanent life insurance policy.

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Variable universal life insurance

Our variable universal life insurance offers clients a combination of protection, potential account value accumulation, income tax advantages, and additional benefits provided through riders.


Disability income that makes a difference

Individual disability income insurance is essential personal protection that helps replace a portion of your clients' income, including bonuses and commissions.
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Individual disability income insurance

Individual disability income insurance is essential personal protection that can help replace a portion of your clients' income — including bonuses and commissions — with tax-free benefits, should they become too sick or injured to work for an extended period of time.​
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Business overhead expense

Business overhead expense insurance can help ensure the continuity of your clients’ business by helping pay for day-to-day expenses if they become disabled. It helps cover the business overhead expenses that can help keep the doors open for up to two years. Employee salaries, rent, leases, insurance premiums, and utilities can all be taken care of. It can even help pay the salary of a temporary replacement.
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Disability buy-sell

A buy-sell agreement funded with disability income insurance can help safeguard your clients' business by providing the funds necessary for an owner to purchase a disabled partner’s share of the business, up to the terms of the contract.


Fitting many client and investor needs

Whether clients want a fixed interest earning product, the ability to grow their assets based on market returns, or protection from the market's ups and downs, as one of the top annuity providers we have an annuity solution for every need. Each comes with the ability to provide a future guaranteed income for life.
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Immediate annuities

Immediate annuities provide your clients who are closer to retirement the ability to receive a fixed income payment with multiple payout options available.

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Fixed deferred annuities

Fixed annuities offer more conservative investors a guaranteed rate of interest with flexible terms to meet their retirement goals. We offer multiple types of fixed products with varying guarantee periods.
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Variable annuities

Variable annuities offer a variety of investment options to choose from, allowing clients the potential to grow assets based on market returns. We also offer a guaranteed withdrawal benefit rider.
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Index annuities

Several fixed index and registered index-linked annuities are available for clients who want to limit market exposure while providing growth.

Worksite Solutions

Worksite solutions

A financially confident workforce starts with a strong benefits package that’s easier, smarter, and built with their needs in mind. Take your business to the next level with solutions and services you and your clients can count on.
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Group whole life

Offer your clients a benefit that protects both the short-term and long-term financial wellbeing of their employees with permanent, lifetime protection and built-in guarantees. These include a death benefit, level premiums, and cash value account that stays with them no matter where they go.
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Supplemental health

No one knows when or where an accident or critical illness might strike. Supplemental health plans such as critical illness or accident give employees access to cash to help pay for medical expenses and diagnostic treatments their health insurance may not cover.
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Executive disability health

Many highly compensated employees can’t get enough disability insurance from a base plan that reflects their added income from bonuses and incentives. An executive disability income plan can help fill the gap and give them the supplementary coverage they need.


MassMutual Life Insurance Agency (MMLIA)

MMLIA is a MassMutual-sponsored, turnkey brokerage program designed to complement our own product portfolio by offering competitive products not available in the MassMutual portfolio, and extending offers on highly substandard risks and declinations.
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Non-proprietary life, annuities, disability income insurance and long term care

MMLIA offers access to alternative carrier portfolios where our product may not be a fit, or if underwriting outcomes require other options to best serve your clients.
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Property & casualty (P&C)

MMLIA provides a wide range of
personal P&C products to complement
our distribution strategy and provide financial planning with home, auto, and other individual specialty P&C lines.
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Medicare planning – Healthpilot

Healthpilot is a digital platform that helps navigate the complexities of Medicare planning by finding a plan based on healthcare needs and helping your clients enroll online in just a few minutes.
* MMLIA products are only available to MassMutual financial professionals with a career contract.

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