Understanding MassMutual's Career Agency System & Structure

Path to Management

Experienced producers that come to us from other companies often tell us that they were very excited to hear about our management program. We believe we have a strong competitive advantage with our program. We’ve got it all mapped out. It’s clear cut and well defined. No guesswork, no wondering what comes next. Performance equals reward and appointment. 

  • Field Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

    MassMutual Sales Managers that have demonstrated high levels of success and productivity that desire to become agency managers can be selected to our Field Leadership Development Program. The program helps MassMutual organically grow future leaders and maintains a competitive advantage that provides an environment of rich learning opportunities and activities with the following objectives:

    • Providing individualized development experiences focused on enhancing the skills necessary to effectively lead a MassMutual agency.
    • Providing visibility between high performing/high potential field talent and key home office leadership.
    • Enhancing Sales Manager performance, retention and leadership.
    • Expanding relationships among Sales Managers through peer accountability and idea sharing.
    • Ensuring transparency with participants, General Agents and home office.

    These elite Sales Managers are provided a development plan to prepare them for the challenges and rigors of managing a MassMutual agency. Members of the FLDP are monitored closely and provided high levels of training, coaching, and mentorship from their agency and the home office. Once a FLDP member is ready and there is an agency opportunity available, they can be appointed to the General Agent role to run an office of their own.