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Concierge Level Services

MassMutual’s concierge level services were created for the company’s top financial professionals.  As a member, you receive a dedicated relationship manager who utilizes a specialist model to provide customized support around sales, practice management, marketing and networking and events. Here is a highlight of the breadth of services offered that covers every aspect of your business:

Priority Support

  • Dedicated Services Team
  • Dedicated New Business and Underwriting Teams*
  • Dedicated Compliance Support
  • Dedicated Broker-Dealer Support 

Sales Support

  • Illustrations
  • Advanced Case Design
  • Book of Business Analysis
  • Life Sales Competition Unit
  • The Strategic Retirement and Social Security Information Center

Sales Assistant Support

  • Sales Assistant Training Curriculum

*Qualification applies


Change happens fast. We’re committed to keeping up so that you can stay ahead. We invest in cutting-edge technology and top-tier products to provide you with the right tools for success. And we’re always open to new ideas and different ways of doing things.

As part of FORTUNE'S World’s Most Admired Company, MassMutual was named leader in innovation in the life and health insurance industry with an Electronic Sales Platform recognized by CIO.com - Top 100.



    • Advisor360º: Top advisors and industry experts are asked what the advisor of tomorrow looks like, the answer is unequivocal: Someone who is digitally enabled, accessible and flexible, with the most advanced “socially friendly” technology available. Through Advisor360ºs partnership with MassMutual®, you will have access to a single integrated platform to power your holistic practice, drive efficiency and productivity while offering a differentiated client experience.
      Advisor360º is tightly integrated with MassMutual so you, your client and MassMutual all work together. Advisor360º helps Advisors manage their entire book of business or any subset, all in one place and gives clients an integrated, holistic view of everything that has a financial impact on their life. It is broken into three distinct areas to address the advisor and the client’s needs. Imagine the possibilities!

      A D V I S O RF A C I N G

      C L I E N TF A C I N G




      Effectively Help Advisors Manage Their Practice

      Efficiently Manage a
      Client Relationship

      Deliver a Stellar Experience to Your Clients That You Design

      Advisors are enabled to be more productive and drive more revenue for their practice.


    Advisor360º also integrates with Coverpath to give you a holistic view of your clients financial picture, better positioning you to increase your revenue from alternative income streams.

    • Coverpath: Coverpath is a streamlined experience for selling and purchasing life insurance online. Coverpath helps Financial Professionals (FPs) reach and serve clients who prefer a digital purchasing experience but also value the guidance of a FP. Key benefits of Coverpath include:
    • Optimize Your Business
      • Increase their efficiency by filling out as much or as little of the application as you want, leaving the rest for the client.
      • Create a digital presence via digital campaigns, customizable email templates and one pagers.
    • Reduce Friction
      • Compress your sales process through our digital application that eliminates the back and forth between you and the client.
      • Streamline underwriting through data drive, algorithmic underwriting.
      • Faster placement from our in-house policy management system allows for fast, electronic delivery of policies.
    • Delighting Customers
      • A client-focused philosophy empowers clients to fill out our digital application on their own time.
      • Interactive tools help clients understand the cost and benefits of life insurance and how their whole life policy will grow over time.
      • Self-service capabilities make it easy for clients to change beneficiaries, update their banking information or change their address online.
    • Spark: Spark is a digital tool to help collect client demographic and goal-related data that will help to improve the quality and efficiency of how you build relationships with new and existing clients.

      Spark provides insight into a prospect’s financial priorities and helps you strategize for the prospecting meeting. Key benefits include:
    • Assess prospects interest in meeting
    • Give prospects an easy way to provide necessary information ahead of a meeting, on their time
    • Generate more meaningful conversations with your prospects/clients
    • Reduce the time spent gathering information in meetings – instead, focus on strategy


    • Build Relationships: Technology tools that help you expand your pool of prospects while staying on top of new leads, referrals and opportunities to do more for existing clients.
    • Driving New Sales: Digital tools take the sales process to a whole new level of simplicity, guiding you and your clients seamlessly through the process.
    • Delivering Top Notch Service: Capabilities and tools that help you better collaborate with clients and make it faster and easier to exceed their expectations.
    • Making Business Easier: Streamlined processes coupled with digital technology and tools improve your efficiency, so you can focus more time on connecting with clients and less time on administrative tasks.

    Broker Dealer

    Are you working with a Broker Dealer that helps you offer your clients a wide variety of products and services?  If you’re discouraged with your support level, MassMutual’s Broker Dealer, MML Investors Services, LLC’s top priority is to help you succeed. 

    MML Investors Services provides registered representatives with a multitude of investment options:

    • Mutual Funds
    • 529 College Savings Plans
    • Variable Annuities
    • Variable Life Insurance
    • Retirement Products
    • Direct Participation Programs (DPPs)
    • Securities Brokerage Services
    • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

    MML Investors Services’ Corporate Registered Investment Adviser (CRIA) offers a wide array of programs and services designed for use by Investment Adviser Representatives:

    • Asset Management Programs
    • Separately Managed Accounts
    • Unified Managed Accounts/Programs
    • Financial Planning Services
    • Asset Allocation Programs

    Your Support Network

    We have teams of dedicated people working hard to help you craft solutions for your clients:

    • Business Transition Support
    • Representative Services (Inbound Call Center)
    • Problem Resolution
    • Continuing Education and Training Teams
    • Due Diligence
    • Regulatory Support