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Concierge Level Services

MassMutual’s concierge level services were created for the company’s top financial professionals.  As a member, you receive a dedicated relationship manager who utilizes a specialist model to provide customized support around sales, practice management, marketing and networking and events. Here is a highlight of the breadth of services offered that covers every aspect of your business:

Priority Support

  • Dedicated Team of Relationship Managers and Specialists
  • Blue Chip Services Team
  • Dedicated New Business and Underwriting Teams*
  • Dedicated Compliance Support
  • Dedicated Broker-Dealer Support

Business Strategy

  • Practice Management Consultation
  • Business Succession Planning

Marketing and Branding

  • Target Market Strategy and Execution
  • DBA Brand Development
  • Custom Graphic Design Support
  • Turnkey Marketing Campaigns

Networking and Events

  • Continuing Education (CE) Events
  • Prospecting Events
  • Sponsorship Strategy

Sales Support

  • Illustrations
  • Advanced Case Design
  • Book of Business Analysis
  • Business Evaluation Support
  • Life Sales Competition Unit
  • The Strategic Retirement and Social Security Information Center

Sales Assistant Support

  • Sales Assistant Training Curriculum

*Qualification applies


You may be a great Financial Services Representative (FSR), but there are few things worse than trying to do your job or get access to information with inadequate technology. In fact, it can make the most seasoned professional look like a rookie. Great tools and technology support can have a slingshot effect to your practice, dazzling your clients, improving your time to close business, and more efficiently communicating with clients. That’s why MassMutual prides itself on the millions of dollars in technology investments we’ve made over the past decade and continue to make.

Our revolutionary program called ESP (Electronic Sales Platform) provides integrated and intuitive digital experience which brings together technology, education and support to provide agents with the tools, capabilities and insights they need to help them make more informed decisions and engage consumers in new ways.

Here’s how:

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, the MassMutual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool powered by Salesforce.com®, provides you and your team with the automation and information required to make decisions quickly while spending less time managing data and tasks.


EZ-app is an intuitive, simplified order-entry tool that offers flexible and enhanced e-signature options. With the rollout of EZ-app and eSignature, life policies are submitted to the home office much faster (by more than 10 days) and paid much faster than cases submitted the previous way.

Box® Cloud Storage

The ability to access your data from multiple devices, and to share files seamlessly with others, is becoming a critical part of your daily routine. With Box®, MassMutual’s cloud storage option, all you need is an Internet connection to upload, download, edit and share documents, making it easy to collaborate with clients and peers no matter where you are.


MobileIron® is MassMutual’s mobile email and calendar solution for the field. It allows users to access their MassMutual email, calendar, contacts and tasks using their phone or tablet’s “native” email, calendar, contacts and other productivity apps on the device. The ability to use your device’s “native” functionality means you will not have to go to a separate app to get this content.


We’ve all been there, struggling to remember multiple passwords to log on to our computer, mobile devices and more. To take the pain out of password recollection, MassMutual offers LastPass Premium, a password management tool that safely stores all your passwords and automatically logs you on to online accounts using a master password. LastPass secures all your username and password data by encrypting it on your personal computer or mobile device.

Skype for Business

There is great value in meeting face-to-face with clients and prospects. But not every meeting needs to be in person, especially when it could mean driving hours back and forth. When a client needs to see your face, you have a great option with our state-of-the-art video conferencing platform Skype, supported by MassMutual’s newly upgraded network.

Social Media Marketing Tool

Social Media has become table stakes for how Financial Services Representatives (FSRs) promote their practices online and engage with their clients and prospects. Staying compliant as well as having access to a library of relevant content can challenge even the most tech savvy producers. MassMutual takes the guess work and concern out of the process. You’ll have access to pre-approved campaigns to broaden your online profile and network as a respected FSR who has something meaningful to say, whether it’s through Facebook Fan Pages, LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Broker Dealer

Are you working with a Broker Dealer that helps you offer your clients a wide variety of products and services?  If you’re discouraged with your support level, MassMutual’s Broker Dealer, MML Investors Services, LLC’s top priority is to help you succeed. 

MML Investors Services provides registered representatives with a multitude of investment options:

  • Mutual Funds
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Variable Annuities
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Retirement Products
  • Direct Participation Programs (DPPs)
  • Securities Brokerage Services
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)

MML Investors Services’ Corporate Registered Investment Adviser (CRIA) offers a wide array of programs and services designed for use by Investment Adviser Representatives:

  • Asset Management Programs
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Unified Managed Accounts/Programs
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Asset Allocation Programs

Your Support Network

We have teams of dedicated people working hard to help you craft solutions for your clients:

  • Field Support
  • Business Transition Support
  • Premier Support – for top-producing registered representatives
  • Representative Services (Inbound Call Center)
  • Problem Resolution
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Continuing Education and Training Teams
  • Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Support