Training and Development for MassMutual Insurance Agents

To provide an outstanding experience to your clients, you’ll need great training! We’ve got plenty for you to learn and wide variety of training styles and opportunities for you to become great at what you do:

Weekly Agency Training
Typically performed in groups with other new Financial Services Representatives (FSR), these sessions cover the basics and specifics of products, sales techniques, consulting approaches, time management and tracking skills. Instructors are usually agency Sales Managers, Managing Associates or other veteran specialists.

Joint Work
Whether with your manager or an accomplished FSR, you’ll go on appointments with prospective clients, consult together, and discuss the suitability of solutions and recommendations.

MassMutual University
Our online interactive self-study training portal offers fast access to the training tools and resources you need-when you need them 24/7/365!  With a catalog of dozens of courses and customizable training plans, MassMutual University provides a consistent approach for all FSRs and managers.

MassMutual Academy
Our premier live learning events are offered annually each spring at varying venues across the country. MassMutual Academy attracts hundreds of FSRs from our career agency system for a four day educational summit where FSRs from all levels of experience come together for professional development.

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