MassMutual Career FAQs | Is there a Career Path?

We’ve got a plan for you!

The Financial Services Representative (FSR) career is the final destination for some, but for others who hear the call of leadership or choose to specialize in a certain field, the opportunities are many.


Managing Associate Program   

Have you ever been promised a management opportunity that never materialized?  Well you’ll be happy to know we don’t make empty promises, but give you a clear path to earn a management position with clearly defined goals and targets.

The management track begins with MassMutual’s Managing Associate Program which introduces a Management Skills Framework. It includes: Business Management and Planning, Recruiting and Selection, Training, Development and Coaching, Selling & Marketing and Activity & Management.

The Managing Associate Curriculum supports the Managing Associate candidate in learning/experiencing aspects of sales management while maintaining a focus on high levels of personal production. To progress from a new Managing Associate to a Senior Managing Associate, the Managing Associate is expected to demonstrate proficiency in the concepts/skills covered in the curriculum.

You’ll work through curriculum that includes both live and virtual workshops.  You’ll become highly proficient in our company endorsed selling system with opportunities for different certification levels.

When you’re ready and have proven yourself, the Senior Managing Associate role goes deeper into the learning and stretches your goals and performance metrics around recruiting and managing a small team. After you’ve successfully completed the program, appointment to the Sales Manager typically occurs.

Field Leadership Development Program (FLDP)

If your goals one day include leading a MassMutual agency, we’ve got a development plan for you too! Sales Managers that have demonstrated high levels of success and productivity  can be selected to our Field Leadership Development Program. These elite Sales Managers are provided a development plan to prepare them for the challenges and rigors of managing a MassMutual agency.

Members of the FLDP are monitored closely and provided high levels of training, coaching, mentorship from their agency and the home office.  Once a FLDP member is ready and there is an agency opportunity available, they can be appointed to the General Agent role to run an office of their own.

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