MassMutual Career FAQs | Will I Have a Mentor?

Taken under our wing!

Part of the appeal of the Financial Services Representative (FSR) career is the independence of doing things your way. But it’s nice to know you have a support system, especially at the beginning of your career, to help you navigate challenges. 

Your Sales Manager or Managing Associate is your first level of support.  Their experience will guide you through a difficult case or uncertain situation and to perform joint work with you until you can take the reins on your own. They’ve been there before.  It’s their job to help make you comfortable and a success. Agency specialist or senior FSRs can also be called upon for technical information and help on product specifics.  Additionally, many agencies have formed study groups with FSRs from different agencies all over the country so you’ll get different perspectives through peer mentorship.

The MassMutual home office is also there for you to call upon with questions and direction on where to get help. So enjoy the independence the role offers, but remember, you’re never alone!

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